I write both contemporary and paranormal romance books. Yeah, they have a lot of kissing :). Although these are different sub-genres within romance they have a lot in common. Regardless of genre, my books:

  • Are grounded solidly in the contemporary world.
  • Are all romance, all the time—hot, emotional romance that always has a satisfying ending.
  • Are hot and steamy, with an overlay of deep emotional connection and journey, i.e. hot sex with heart-felt emotion. Or maybe it’s the sex that’s the overlay :).
  • Have unconventional, often reluctant heroes. They may be tough, rough around the edges and used to getting their own way (and also RIPPED), but they’d do anything, risk anything, sacrifice anything for their woman. Sigh…

Click on the covers below (where available) to see more information on each book including blurb and an excerpt, but be warned…there might be bad words. Very, very bad words.


 Hot Firefighters

KailyHart_PayUp_200px  KailyHart_PickUp_200px

.                                      Late 2017

Men Out of Uniform

KailyHart_PinDown_200px KailyHart_NailDown_200px KailyHart_TakeDown_200px 


Opposites Attract

Love Me Back 1





Short…but Hot

KailyHart_PictureThis_200px  KailyHart_PointBlank_200px















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