Take Down

RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2017KailyHart_TakeDown_200px

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Jake Evans has been fighting his ass off for others and their causes for as long as he can remember and he’s had enough. He’s outgrown the adrenaline rush he used to crave and it’s time to settle down, maybe even get a job that doesn’t require him to carry a weapon or get shot at. When he gets dumped by the only woman he’s ever really needed, the gracious thing to do would be to just bow out. The problem is, Jake’s never been the gracious type, and he’s not used to giving in.

Raine Daniels has been left dangling for years and she’s finally had enough. Jake was meant to be a one-night stand—quick, easy and forgettable—except she’d somehow ended up his regular “thing”. Raine’s worked hard to reinvent herself and make a new life, and her nightmare past? Finally way, way behind her. So when Jake comes back into town expecting to take up right where he left off—again—Raine knows it’s time to cut her losses and move on. Regardless of how good the sex is. No matter how much it hurts.

Jake’s been turned down by women before—plenty—but Raine is the only one who’s ever mattered. Too bad it took him so long to figure it out, especially when some jerk from Raine’s past starts harassing her. Hard core. So Jake settles in to do what he does best—take down his target—while trying to convince Raine she can have a life and a future. With him.