Break Down Excerpt


Copyright © KAILY HART, 2017

Marina gripped his massive biceps. “Slow—slow down,” she gasped.

He stilled above her. “Why?”

“I—I want to savor the sensations, I want to be able to remember what everything feels like, I—”

“Marina,” he groaned. “It’s getting to the point where I won’t be able to slow down so tell me right now if you’re with me or not.”

She licked her dry lips. “I am. I so am. But—but I’m close.” She closed her eyes, tried to take a breath, tried to stop her body from flexing around him. He sucked in a breath when she failed. “I just… I just want it to last.”

There was no telling when she’d ever get another chance like this. With a guy who was built like he was. She still felt stretched to the max, impaled on his thick length. Who wouldn’t want that to last? And who could blame a girl for wanting to imprint it on her memory so she could play it over and over in her mind later?

She gasped when he ground his hips against her, pressing against some place inside her nothing and no one had ever found before.

She trembled when he lowered his lips to her ear and his hot breath fanned against her cheek, down her neck.

“No one said you only get to come once.”

Oh God.

“But we’ll take it slow.”

“Okay,” she managed. She sighed, her breath fluttering out on a shaky exhale.

“Next time.”

Her stomach clenched. “But you said—”

He pulled out and then slid back in, all the way, the thrust causing her to tense and whimper.

“Neither of us believed me when I said we’d only do this once. Not really. And now? I haven’t come yet, but I know when I do, it’s going to blow the top of my fucking head off.”

Marina didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t think, only feel. So she did what she could, which was gripping him hard, panting so that she could get enough air, and moaning “Oh God” over and over in time to his heavy thrusts into her.