Take Down Excerpt

TAKE DOWN EXCERPT KailyHart_TakeDown_200px

Copyright © KAILY HART, 2017

Raine had been cool, collected and classy. So not his usual type and probably way out of his league, but he’d been drawn to her anyway. He’d flirted. Why the hell not? He’d needed the practice. It’d been a long time since he’d let himself mingle in the normal world. He’d expected a sharp put down, maybe a polite “not in this lifetime”, but she’d flirted back. And taken him home.

His expectations hadn’t been high. She’d been nervous that first time and he’d known—picking up rough, from-the-wrong-side-of-town guys wasn’t her thing—that he’d been an anomaly. And then he’d gotten her under him. He almost gasped at the slay of sensation that sliced through him at the memory of how she’d felt, how she’d taken him, how she’d rocked his world.

And the satisfying sex he’d been hoping for? The simple relief he’d been after? Mind. Fucking. Blown.