Point Blank Excerpt

Copyright © KAILY HART, 2011KailyHart_PointBlank_200px


He had her. Alone. Finally.

He stepped in closer to her. Even though the roaring in his head raged at him to crush her against the hard surface of the wall with his body, to imprint himself on her, he was careful not to touch her. Not yet. Even with the heels she was tiny. She barely reached his chin. He’d have to be careful, so very careful of her because he wanted her under him and soon. He was hard, had been since he’d seen her walk into the hall. That hadn’t changed at least. Things might have taken an unexpected turn, an amazing unexpected turn, but it wouldn’t help if he came on too strong, too fast.

She put her hands against his chest and everything in him went still at the contact. His heart slammed against his ribs and he felt as if he’d had the wind knocked out of him. He cupped her face with hands that shook, his fingertips sliding into the edge of her silky hair. His balls tightened in a rush when she opened her mouth a little, his cock a hot brand straining the front of his pants, aching, throbbing, wanting.

“Rex,” she said. “About what I said inside.”

He ran a thumb across her full, bottom lip. “Did you change your mind?”


Oh yeah. She sounded so sure. Sure was good. He’d never kissed her before. Not even close, but as he leaned in, it felt familiar, she felt familiar and she still smelled incredible.

Although it just about killed him, he waited. “If you plan on stopping me, now’s the time,” he managed.

She moved her head slowly from side to side, all big, wide eyes and he was gone.

He lowered his head and covered her mouth with his. Her lips were soft, her mouth sweet. The roaring in his head became an inferno that licked through his body when she opened her mouth and her tongue pushed forward against his, hesitant at first and then more bold when he groaned his encouragement. He was rough, he knew he was, but couldn’t do a damn thing about it as he took control of the kiss. He wanted, needed inside her. He used his tongue to tell her, show her what he wanted to do to her body, in the only way he knew how.

“Rex,” she breathed when he lifted his head and sucked on her lower lip.

“Yeah. Again, just like that.”


“My name.” He trailed his mouth along her jaw, down her throat and closed his teeth over the cord of her neck. She shuddered and clutched at him. He closed his eyes against the agony of pleasure that ripped through him as her taste hit him. He hissed when her hips jerked and she made contact with his cock. He wasn’t sure when he’d ever been as hard. He scraped his teeth over her skin again when she arched her neck. “Moan my name again.”

“God, Rex…”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

He grasped her hips in his hands. Jesus, he only had so much control. The small, jerking thrusts were going to drive him insane. Or cause him to do something he might regret later. Just when he thought he could rein it in, the silky fabric of her dress slid freely across her skin under hands that just couldn’t stay still on her curvy body.

Aw fuck.