Pin Down

RELEASE DATE: July 23, 2015KailyHart_PinDown_200px

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For Nash Carmichael, this downtime was meant to be like any other. Pick a random city and settle in for some much needed R&R—of the adult variety. Except Nash didn’t count on meeting Lexi. He’d written her off as too young, too blonde and too “cute” for his brand of entertainment…until her smart mouth intrigues the hell out of him.

Alexis “Lexi” Ryan might be outwardly tough and plenty sarcastic, a byproduct of her crappy childhood, but it’s pretty much all for show. Fact is, she’s got a big-ass problem—one she’s kept from everyone, one she hasn’t been able to solve on her own. So how then does the hot, gorgeous, “it’s just sex” guy manage to zero right in on it? And somehow fix it?

Nash’s only permanent place is a storage unit he hasn’t checked in over five years and that’s just how he likes it. The sex with Lexi is plenty hot and dirty—just how he likes it—but it’s sweet too, and not just that. Soon he’s trying to remember why he vowed never to be pinned down by anything or anyone.