Nail Down Excerpt

NAIL DOWN EXCERPT KailyHart_NailDown_200px

Copyright © KAILY HART, 2015

She went to turn away, but he caught her arm, swung her back.
“You’ve got a dirty mouth in bed, Quinn. Filthy in fact.”
Color swept up her neck and into her cheeks and he fought back the smile at her horrified look.
She raised her chin. The move had defiance and confidence written all over it. “And? So?”
He laughed, unable to hold back any more. He leaned into her, lowered his voice. “So I kinda like it.”
“Kinda?” She swallowed. “Kinda isn’t even a word.”
“Okay, so I like it. A lot.”
“That’s…” She cleared her throat. “Good to know.”
“And you know what I liked best? Just so you know?” He leaned even closer, his lips at her ear. “When you say ‘fuck’ in that husky, breathless voice right before you come.”